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2.1.1. Primer condicional.

CONDICIONALES - CONDITIONALS TIPOS DE CONDICIONALES Tipo If frase principal 1 Simple Present will (future) 2 Simple Past would + Infinitivo(Conditional) 3 Past Perfect would + have + past participle (Conditional Perfect) 1. Zero Conditional: Para describir rutinas o hechos generales Example If I leave the house at 8am, I catch the bus at 8.15am (this always happens = zero condition) If + Present simple or continuous + subject + present simple 2. Primer condicional / First Conditional Este condicional indica que la condición es muy probable que se cumpla. IF + simple present,... + future (will) If I learn, I'll pass the exam. If we don't hurry up, we will be late. (Si no nos damos prisa, haremos tarde.) What will you do if you don't go to London? (¿Qué harás si no vas a Londres?) 3. Segundo condicional / Second Conditional Lo usamos en casos hipotéticos, situaciones imaginarias o poco probables. IF + past simple,..+ conditional simple (would/could) If I learnt, I would pass the exam. If I won the lottery, I would be rich. (Si ganara la lotería, sería rico) If the football tickets were available, I would pay any price for them. (Si las entradas para el fútbol estuvieran disponibles, pagaría cualquier precio por ellas.) 4. Tercer condicional / Third Conditional Indica una condición en el pasado, que ya no se puede cumplir. IF + past perfect ... + conditional perfect (would have). If I had learnt, I would have passed the exam. If he had worked hard in all his subjects, he would not have failed this semester. (Si él hubiera trabajado en todas sus asignaturas, él no hubiera suspendido este semestre) If we had been more careful, we wouldn't have had the accident. (Si hubiésemos sido más cuidadosos, no habríamos tenido el accidente.) Otros casos Existen otras formas de construir frases condicionales: IF + simple present... present simple If you ring this number, nobody answers. IF + simple present ... imperativo. If you drink, don't drive. Lee las siguientes frases condicionales pronunciándolas correctamente y al lado, tradúcelas al español. If I work hard, I will pass my exams. If we don't hurry up, we will be late. What will you do if you don't go to university? If I studied, I would pass. If I won the lottery, I would be rich If you hadn't made that mistake, you'd have passed your test. If you heat water, it boils. If you don't come, tell it to me. If you had planned things at the start, we wouldn't be in this mess now. I’ll tell him, whether you want or not. I can't see if I don't wear glasses. I can't see unless I wear glasses. I'd better reserve a seat today in case the train is full tomorrow

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